Mikey (Mika) Rioux is a gender fluid, shapeshifting, interdisciplinary creator. Their work is a search for the poetic image to point to that thing which has no words, to recognize that feeling which is unnoticed, to shapeshift the reality experienced. Words and images are magic which create the reality we inhabit. There are as many possible realities as there are entities to experience them. The erasure of boundaries is a healing act, taking parts and making whole, individually and collectively.

Mikey's work and accomplishments span the last two decades. They began in Chicago doing freelance performance work for nationally recognized companies, including River North Dance Chicago, Luna Negra Dance Theater, and Lucky Plush Productions. In 2001 Mikey formed Impetus Dance Theater and served as Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer until 2005 when they moved to Seattle. In Seattle Mikey attended Cornish College of the Arts and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA in Studio Art. After graduation Mikey resumed performance work with Scott/Powell Performance, Lingo, Salt Horse, and formed The Sho, an experimental performance collective. The Sho has been presented by PICA’s TBA Festival, Ten Tiny Dances, Northwest Film Forum, Chop Shop Dance Festival, and Links Hall. Mikey's visual art has been presented in 30 solo and group shows over the past 15 years. Their work is in numerous private collections and also included in The Mary Alice Cooley Print Collection.